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Sports fishing is one of the best outdoor activities you can take part in in the Maldives. Over the last few years, there has been a growing interest in sports fishing, which for many years was almost exclusive to locals. Our waters are rich with marine life and are considered one of the best places for a good catch. The locals depended on the fishing industry for many years as its only source of income and even to date; our fish product is a noteworthy brand throughout the world.

With boats like Silver Marlin, comes unique opportunity for the curious tourist and passionate sports fishers worldwide to enjoy fishing in the Maldives. We carry out special excursions for our guests to brave the blue and experience a side of Maldives that few tourists get to see. From the adrenaline rush of a big game fishing excursion to peaceful night fishing experience, we entertain our visitors to enjoy fishing and experience Maldives in a unique way.

Containing abundant coral reefs, diverse marine life and beautiful scenery, Maldives offers an ideal environment for an enjoyable and a thrilling sports fishing experience. Big game fishing is a growing trend among many of the guests that come aboard the Silver Marlin and their involvements have been the most memorable and adventure experiences we have had.







Aboard the 'Silver Marlin' is an expert boat crew with uncanny ability to sense fish and create exciting fishing experiences for all of our guests with the promise of outstanding service and quality. Maldivians have a long history of expert line and pole fishing. Even today our fishermen pride themselves in catching fish with traditional line and pole techniques. So while you are out in the sea with us, you are certain to pick up some excellent pointers from our passionate captain and crew.